How to turn on 4x4 on bmw x5

Hello all, I have a X5 4. I have disconnected the battery in the trunk and left it unplug for a few hours to see if I. T will reset and the same thing when I connect I. T back light is still on.

Please someone help!!! Jose answered 2 years ago. Thank you Tom for your response and Happy Holidays to you as well. Alternator is running at I have unplugged the battery for a few hours to see if the module needs to rest and still nothing. Next step for me is to take It to get scanned and also to see if I. Once again thank you for your help with this matter and any other ideas are always welcome. Nautika23 answered about a year ago. Hi Jose I have a X5 4. Bradly answered about a year ago.

This can often be fixed by fully turning the wheel to lock both ways while stationary. Car turned on of course. GuruXR8TQ answered about a year ago. GuruB6DRX answered about a year ago.

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Jose I had a similar problem BMW mechanic that k know told me turn the wheel all the way to the left then all the way to the right and turn it back to the left that will disengage it. Good luck Keyvan. Thanks for the help BMW trying to rip people off why doesn't it tell you the battery is the problem. I have a bmw X5 and the lamp on the desck for 4x4 is on what can i do to close it? Try this, turn the wheel all the way to the left then all the way to the right and turn it back to the left that will disengage it.

I have disconnected the battery in I have a BMW X5 3. I took it to the shop and the mechanic has no explanation. He checked out the car extensively including hooking it up to a co Other day battery light started flickering, went solid and car died Next day I buy battery replace it, not I went and had it tinted. Brought it home, left it for a day. Took it out to wash it and got to the end of the driveway before it shut off.

Battery light was solid. Changed out the battery. Then th Will not change out of first and also the steptronic isn't working. What would be the cause?We just got a jet ski and we are planning on going to tlake tahoe and I thought we needed a 4x4 car, because it has alot of hills while going there. But I could not tell the difference This system monitors over- and under steer and adapts engine power and individual brakes to keep the car under control and headed in the intended direction.

In this mode, a certain degree of rear wheel slip is allowed, useful in deep snow or when having a little fun. BMW X5 is an excellent car. Built like a tank and handles like a sports car. And no iDrive But take note. Since it's built like a tank, the doors are extreamly heavy to open or close.

If your wife has the baby in her hands and try to open the door of a X The steering is also on a heavier side and ride comfort is not so good for long distance. I had a 11 car pile up accident on the high way, and only had a few scratches on the X5.

2005 BMW X5 4.4 4X4 light won’t go out.

Can't say the same of the others cars. Safety is But since you like the snow, this is one thing a tank can do and X5 can't. It cannot go off-road. There is no low diff gear box and the X5 is a wimp when taken to the mud and snow. The stupid thing is that it has a automatic hill-decent feature, but can't actually get up the hill in the first place!!! Also, take note that the new X5 will be coming soon. Not sure what a monster or beauty Chris Bangle gonna make it.

So if you really decide on the current X5, hanggle with the salesman for a better deal. The DSC button turns off the Dynamic Stability Control, which brakes individual wheels to keep the car from losing control. NEVER turn it off, unless you are racing, or stuck in mud or a ditch. DSC is dynamic stability control. Push the DSC button once, the yellow light comes on and traction control is turned off meaning the car will automatically reduce power to certain wheels when they start spinning.

Push the DSC button and hold it in for about 10 seconds and you will see the DSC light and the brake light in yellow not red come on. Once the yellow brake light is on, the Traction control and Stability control are off meaning you can perform outrageous manouvers such as power slides and donuts without the onboard computer interfering.

Downhill assist, so you don't roast your brakes holding them on the way down a large hill or mountain. I have a BMW X5 3. Answer Save. None of the answers provided are correct. And I think your question is wrong too. At no time can you completely turn off the traction control on a new BMW. Karen Lv 4. The X5 does have 4x4 AWD. How do you think about the answers?

You can sign in to vote the answer.The odd-numbered cars are soft-roaders, with lifted suspension and larger tyres than the equivalent-sized road car. The even-numbered cars are sporting versions of the lower odd model, so X3 — X4, X5 — X6, and these have a coupe-style body with handling and power tuned for an even more sporty performance than the already sprightly base vehicle.

The SUV variants always do well for manufacturers and the the X series is no exception, which is why BMW is always adding new variants with a seven-seat X7 in the works. The aim of xDrive is not to produce a serious off-road vehicle — you just need to look at the clearances and angles on any of the BMW xDrive cars to see that, let alone more subtle designs such as air intakes and underbody protection — so xDrive is more about improved traction on slippery surfaces and improving handling.

Read more: traction control explained. The rest of this article refers to the original xDrive. This starts with a split of the torque from front to rear. This is instantly good news, as most all-wheel drive systems merely power the front wheels and let the rears trail, driving them only when the computers detect a loss of traction with the exception of Subaru.

Interestingly, this split also means the centre clutch that distributes torque front:rear is always working. Other systems which only occasionally drive the rear wheels have centre clutches designed to run for short periods only, which means they overheat after a bit of use, leaving you in 2WD and most probably, stuck.

But xDrive is clever enough to distribute torque even without wheelspin, for example during cornering.

Same deal for oversteer where the front has more grip than the rear, it biases torque to the front, leaving the rear tyres more grip for turning. How does it know to do this?

Like any modern car there are sensors everywhere. Wheel speed, steering wheel angle, throttle and brake position, yaw and now even pitch and roll, all of these together form a torrent of data the computers use to determine what the car is doing, what it should be doing and in a new development, what it is going to do. The car can work out what sort of traction the surface affords from the rate at which the car slows down relative to the amount of braking force against wheelslip and other factors.

What is the "DSC" button in my BMW X5 car?

Then you decide to turn into the corner. The car now knows how tight you wish to turn, the speed you want to turn at, and the traction of the surface. If the answer is up at the panic end of the scale then the computers can start to bring in various programmes such as CBC corner brake control which brakes individual wheels to help the car turn and much more, even before the car has begun to slip and slide.

We have now entered the realm of proactive electronic driving systems, as distinct from waiting until there is an actual problem and then putting out the fire. Another example of proactive tech is the suspension. A normal car has a differential which distributes torque left and right, and when the inside wheel slows down, the outside wheel speeds up by the right amount to keep pace.

Torque vectoring is a kind of slew-steer — when cornering a wheel is deliberately driven slightly faster than it would otherwise be in order to aid the turn. This is all done through a clutch pack that operates planetary gearsets, with the computers figuring out from the sensors what needs to happen when.

In practice, it means the vehicle is always making the very best use of the available traction, and going where you point it.Shudder at low speed while turning. Hello Forum. I have a X5 5. It just turned 19, miles this past weekend. When I make slow sharp turns, I feel a shudder.

BMW xDrive all-wheel drive system explained

This shudder is very similar to turning in a 4x4 vehicle with the diffs locked. In my X5, it only happens at low speed on sharp turns while the vehicle is under acceleration. I first noticed it in a parking garage.

how to turn on 4x4 on bmw x5

When I put the vehicle in neutral and coast while turning sharply, the shudder is not present. With foot off the gas and turn sharply, no shudder. As soon as I start accelerating the shudder appears. Has anyone had this problem? What is it? How was it resolved? Thanks for your help. First they change the transfer case fluid to a "different" type fluid. If the works, then they consider it fixed.

how to turn on 4x4 on bmw x5

In my case, the fluid replacement resolved the shuddering completely. I asked does this affect the life of the TC, and they said it should not Hope that helps Bob. This shudder is very similar to turning in a 4x4 vehicle with the diffs locked What size are your wheels, 20"? I had the same problem. Replaced the transfer case under warranty and no more shudder. Hope that helps Bob It definitely helps. Im gonna talk to my SA on Monday.

I will post their response. My X5 has the same shudder described in this thread. My vehicle has 70K miles, here's hoping BMW will cover this repair given the systemic nature of the failure mode.

My buddy has a X5 as well that recently had his transfer case replaced for the same issue. I wonder if this is only 's problem or general X5 or xDrive problem Keep us informed of what the remedy was and if BMW will do a good will fix If anyone else has or had this problem, please chime in and let us know what year X5 you have Sup Guys, I did have the same issues on my and it was the transfer case.

Not a cheap repair. Here is the invoice.

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Dealer seems to be blaming 'non BMW approved tires'. Do you have the right sizes but just not the right brand or rating? Did you actually have the repair done? I bought the car from a non BMW dealer and they paid for the repair.X5's are renowned for being sensitive souls when it comes to the battery condition. First step I would get the battery checked, if it isn't holding a charge it may be dying.

When you are sure of the battery and it's condition try rolling forward going lock to lock again, if that doesn't cure it I would back track over what you did changing the Fuel pump just in case you disturbed a connector. My money however would be on the battery, I had issues with my 4. Then I read the code label on the battery it was 10 years old!! Diagnostic could not communicate with transfer control unit plus battery losing charge on tester. Your 4. You say diagnostics doesn't see the transfer control unit?

Did it before? Fuse 46 controls the X drive try checking that, check the motor connector at the Transfer box, check you haven't disturbed the ABS sensor at the rear when you were underneath the system measures wheel slip by ABS. When doing the lock to lock thing the car has to be moving when you do it and sometimes it may take a mile of driving for things to reset. Afternoon I put a fuse in slot 46 not sure what ampage could someone give info now 4x4 and abs lights go out for 10 seconds then pop back on do I need to get them cleared help.

You say you put a fuse in position 46 was it missing? I believe it should be 7. If the fuse is sound I would try clearing all stored codes you could also try disconnecting the battery for 30 mins.

Have you tried driving forwards going lock to lock. If the fuse was there or blown there is a cause you must have a dead short somewhere.

If the fuse was missing you have to wonder why, had a previous owner removed it to cover a fault? The Xdrive system controller gets inputs from 1 The wheel ABS sensors to measure slip and either apply the brake or more torque the signals come from the ABS system controller.

From a brief conversation with my friendly BMW specialist his view would be first make sure all connectors are clean and fully on especially where you were working check the fuses, if all is OK then make sure the Xdrive actuator on the Transfer box is working these are known to give issues. The ABS controller is also a possibility as a culprit but he says there are several companies that rebuild them.

Last thought he asked if you had had the transfer box fluid changed? I put my hands up don't think I helped fumbling aroundtook for test drive Tec guy says just got slight play when pulling off drive shaft but hardly notice it not be racing off from lights at my age. Well done Jerry, persistence pays in the end, if anything posted helped that's what the Forum is about and thanks for the update. So it's on coils not air suspension that explains a lot.

You may get advisories popping up on the instrument cluster which could be why there were missing fuses, you can code these out using BMW 1. Check the centre bearing on the prop shaft also the rear suspension bushes odd tyre wear or excessive camber is a give away sub frame to body bushes as well they only seem to last about 80k.

I brought a kit off the bay of e 2 years ago as rear adjustment was hard for the garage to get in tolerance, the difference is massive. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead.

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how to turn on 4x4 on bmw x5

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What is the "DSC" button in my BMW X5 car?

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Posted October 1, Johnny is a longtime online writer and car enthusiast. As a BMW owner, he has years of experience fixing problems with their engines. This article is an attempt to aggregate information in a single place regarding a defect in the X drive systems of BMWs that will typically affect ALL of the following models of BMWs at one point or another, typically around 80kk miles:.

Make sure to check your model to ensure it has the same actuator motor and gear as described here and in the videos below. I include here a description of the problem, links to outside information and some information on my own experience fixing this issue on a X3 E83 model.

This article is for informational purposes only and the reader assumes all responsibility for attempting to fix without professional assistance. If you have both of these symptoms then the culprit is very likely to be a stripped gear inside the transfer case motor.

The transfer case actuator motor is a small motor that is bolted on to the transfer case and can be removed and replaced or repaired with a new internal gear. If you DO NOT hear the clicking described the cause could be something else not covered in this article.

Watch this video for an excellent description of the problem and removal and replacement of the transfer case actuator motor:. So what's going on inside the transfer case actuator motor? In short, there is a nylon ie: plasticky gear inside the motor that is turned by a metal worm gear a screw. Over time the nylon part gets worn down and stripped and does not turn any more.

2007-2013 BMW X5 E70 Battery replacement

See the photos. There is a lot of discussion in various forums about how this gear does not ever seem to turn all the way around and you can fix it by simply rotating the gear to the unused portion a potential free fix.

I cannot speak to whether that is a reliable long term fix since I did not try that. You can see from my photos however, that it indeed does not look like one side of the gear that still has the light green lubricant on it was ever touched or used by the worm gear,so take that for whatever it's worth.

My experience and decision was that if I was going to spend an afternoon underneath the car removing the actuator motor and taking it apart I did not want to risk the free fix failing at some point and having to do it all over again.

You can order a new gear easily on Amazon with the provided link. The hardest part was really just accessing the motor and torx bolts to get them off.

Some basic tips would be:. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. We changed the transfer case motor but still having same issues along with now it seems the trans is slipping.

My car is jerking up hill and on the flat surface but only when is hot. For all the posts below that have the yellow 4x4 and brake light please simply check your fluids prior to taking it to a shop. If the power steering fluid is even the tiniest bit low it will trigger the 4x4 light. Most of the time this will kill both lights but make sure to check your brake and all other fluids. Unless you just really like giving the dealer all your hard earned cash at least get your hands a little dirty first.

BMW X1 - At about 80k, bmw will start ok but lost power. I took it to the dealer and they have mentioned that the actuator or valvtronic motor is gone. As everyone knows, they charge arm an a leg. Beside charging me for the actuator, they wanted to replace the shaft as well Instead I took the car to a mechanic and have the actuator replaced.

It drove for few days but having the same issue again. Now someone mentioned that it needs to be calibrated. If anyone had similar experience with BMW X1 please let me know. After replacing the gear 1 month ago, all light is coming off.I have a BMW X5 3. I took it to the shop and the mechanic has no explanation. He checked out the car extensively including hooking it up to a computer with no luck.

Anyone ever experience this before? Most likely no big deal. Happens al the time on BMWs.

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Most likely the steering angle needs to be reset because of some crazy stuff electrical gremlins that cause it to lose it's position or memory of the steering. Just start the car and turn your steering wheel all the way to one side until it stops and can't go any further then you do the same only this time going the to the other side.

You do this a few times and the light will go out as the computer now has reset the steering angle and it now nows where center is by calculating the travel difference of the two furthest extremes the steering can travel. Is this a fix for the 4x4 icon because i replaced tge plastic gear inside the transfer case actuator and light is still on. Charlie answered about a year ago. It's one of the fix. There're many reasons and faults that cause the 4x4 light to come on.

The plastic gear problem is one that you'd mention. The light will stay on even after the fix until you clear the code with a scan tool.

After that the light should stay off. If it comes back then the problem was something else. GuruCK4BS answered about a year ago. GuruB8GQJ answered about a year ago. Can anyone please help me with some new advice. Yosup answered 11 months ago. Sometimes its plastic gear in actuator motor for 4x4 and sometimes its uneven tire pressure in each tires. One time came on when I had rear tire at 26 mid and the other rear tire at 30 so I filled air at 35 psi for all tires at gas station then light was removed forever.

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